Birmingham City Council is to rehouse more than 200 Afghan migrants under council plans costing millions of pounds.
Birmingham has already welcomed 80 Afghan interpreters and their families under a government scheme and is to consider accepting 110 migrants per year in 2022/23 and 2023/24, under an extension of the programme. The council are funded by the home office and, if they remain in place, the council said, it could continue to rehome ‘refugees’ in 2024/25 and 2025/26. Approval is also sought for an estimated £1,595,227 to provide support to ‘refugees’ arriving through the schemes during their first 12 months residence in the UK. Councillor John Cotton said: “Birmingham is a compassionate city and we will work with our partners to ensure that the new arrivals are made to feel welcome as they start to build new lives here”

Scarborough Council have been offered a grant of £744,000 by central government to provide nine rental homes for Ukrainian and Afghan migrants. Average grant levels are likely to be in the region of £93,000 per property while the total value of the match funding needed was about £1.16 million. The seaside town is home to 60 Ukrainian and 28 Afghan families and homes should be acquired and ready by November 2023. The council claim that the properties will later be used for other families when the refugees return home!

Wiltshire Council is planning to spend £4 million on homes for Ukrainian refugees and said it was using government cash in an “innovative way” to help stop refugees from living on the streets. There were fears that some people no longer wished to continue hosting refugees in their homes. There are 879 ‘refugee guests’ in need of housing but £4 million might only buy 16 homes. In 2022 Wiltshire council received £5.9 million from the government to house Ukrainian refugees and have so far have used £1.1 million. The rest of the money will be handed to Stone Circle Housing, a company created by the council to buy accommodation for the county’s residents. Council leader Richard Clewer (Cons) said the council was using the funding in an “innovative way” to help the refugees. The council also promised to put down a deposit and one month’s rent for refugees threatened with homelessness who could not afford to themselves.

The British Democrats will put an end to this unfair situation where migrants are being given housing, while British people end up sleeping rough on the street in freezing conditions.

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