Labour claim Brexit has failed. In reality, the problem lies with Tory government failure to deliver what over 17.4 million Brits voted for.

Here are five Tory Brexit failures.

1) Failure to reclaim our sovereignty: Seven years after we voted to ‘take back control’, Britain remains subject to almost 4000 EU rules and regulations. This is not ‘Brexit’ – Just continued subservience to Brussels eurocrats.

2) Failure to protect our nation: Countries conquered in wartime may lose control of their lands. Without a shot fired in anger however, Rishi Sunak’s ‘Windsor Agreement’ surrender has reduced part of the UK – Northern Ireland, to an EU vassal state and imposed a border through the middle of our country!

3) Failure to protect our wealth: Almost a decade on from the referendum, the EU still bleeds us dry to the tune of £££Billions, as part of Britain’s so-called ‘International obligations’.

4) Failure to protect our resources: Spare a thought for Britain’s struggling fisherman – stabbed in the back by their own government. EU rules dictate EU fishermen are still permitted to plunder eight times more fish from UK waters than we can take from EU waters, and three times the fish quota we’re allowed from our own shores!

This photo was taken by British Democrats councillor Julian Leppert during the famous Brexit Celebration at Parliament Square in January 2019.

5) Failure to defend our borders: Did you think ‘taking back control’ in 2016 under a treacherous Tory government meant less immigration, fewer asylum seekers, reduced crime and terror threats and a smaller tax burden to pay for it all? As record numbers arrive year-upon-year, how’s that working out for us?

The Brexit You Never Voted For – Brought to You by the Prime Minister You Didn’t Vote for Either!

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