After the successful distribution of thousands of our popular four-page ‘The Battle To Save Britain’ leaflets, we have a new updated version about to go to print.

Our hard-working activists around the country are putting in orders already, and local election candidates are planning to warm up their wards with these leaflets within the next few weeks.

View the new four-page leaflet below and scroll down to continue reading.

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British Democrats are becoming a nationwide party!

Just over a year ago (Feb 2022), we launched our new and improved website. We also introduced and made several effective changes to the party infrastructure, including new social media accounts, new email addresses, a new national party phone line, and email newsletter service. The results have been fantastic. Our membership is up, our number of subscribers is up, donations are up, our social media subscribers and followers are up, enquiries are up, activism is up, candidate numbers are up, our vote percentage is up. We have gained a number of councillors, including a superb council by-election win for our Essex candidate Christopher Bateman in October!

Furthermore, our party is becoming active the length and breadth of the United Kingdom! During the last few months, thousands of our previous popular four-page recruitment leaflets have been dispatched by our admin team to members who have been distributing them in: Cornwall, Southend, Basildon, Rochford, Maidstone, Mansfield, Bracknell, Morden, Glasgow, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, West Sussex, Northern Ireland, Redhill, Tiptree, Herefordshire, South West Wales, New Addington, Gosport, Preston, Gravesend, Dartford, and Bexley.

In addition, activists have been distributing our literature at anti-immigration protests, predominantly around the north of England. British Democrats activists have attended various other protests, including a team handing out our leaflets at the ‘Stop The ULEZ Extension’ protest in London last month.

Over 10,000 Twitter Followers and rising!

Our rapidly growing reach on social media has also been very encouraging. We now have over 10,000 supporters on the popular social media platform Twitter, with some of our Twitter posts (tweets) having been seen by hundreds of thousands of people! 

If you can help us campaign on the streets, contact us by email at or telephone on 01509 447 478. 

If you cannot help our street activities, please consider donating to help us purchase a large number of recruitment leaflets to enable our hard-working activists to continue to build the British Democrats. 

All of our officials, admin team, activists, and candidates are volunteers. No one claims expenses in the British Democrats, so every penny we raise is spent on campaign materials, such as recruitment leaflets, election address leaflets, candidate ward newsletters, banners, website and IT costs, stationery, stamps, and membership cards etc. All donations we receive are spent very wisely. We appreciate any help you can provide!

To donate please use the link below:

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