Trickery and fraud

When he was chancellor, Rishi Sunak gained a reputation for gimmicks, failures and broken promises. You would expect Labour to criticise him, but even the traditionally Conservative-supporting media had barely a good word to say about him. The Telegraph was damning: “There is nothing Conservative about Rishi Sunak’s record” it declared; and the Spectator was no better: “Rishi Sunak won’t be missed as Chancellor”, it said, and even described him as a “catastrophe”. After having been rejected – twice! – by the Conservative Party’s membership, a cabal of left-wing MPs installed him as the prime minister the people never wanted. And now? Well, now he’s continuing exactly as he left off – with deception, failure and betrayal.

First we had the Windsor Capitulation – sorry, ‘Framework’ – the shameful, humiliating, vomit-inducing surrender of part of our national territory to an enemy power. Sunak’s sickening lies and his betrayal of not just Northern Ireland but the United Kingdom as a whole are well-documented.

Then we had the absurd announcement of an Illegal Migration Bill to ‘stop the boats’, promising that there will be a new duty on the Home Secretary to remove illegal immigrants “as soon as is reasonably practicable” (there’s an obvious cop-out!), and that this will take precedence over their rights under modern slavery and human rights laws (such as the right to private or family life). We are told that those arriving here will be prevented from claiming asylum while in the UK, and banned from returning once removed. Unfortunately the legislation will have more holes than a colander. Illegal migrants will be allowed to appeal against removal on the grounds that they are unaccompanied children under 18 (we all know how easily and how often this is abused by adult migrants claiming to be children), or that they face a “risk of serious and irreversible harm” in the country we are removing them to (something anyone can claim and which will no doubt delay their removal for years while their case is examined and appealed).

And finally, the third act in this three-card trick perpetrated on the British people, was the embarrassing, love-in with that well-known Britain-hater, France’s President Macron. Sunak was so desperate to get something that he could spin as a success to the gullible Tory voters that he willingly bent over and was shafted into agreeing to hand over an additional £478 million (over and above the £300 million plus we have already paid France in the last decade) to try and get them to finally control the criminals invading our country from their shore. Of course this will be yet more wasted money, having NO effect whatsoever. Only the most gullible would believe it will make the slightest iota of difference.

Doomed to fail

The prime minister has made “stopping the boats” one of his five priorities but almost 3,000 invaders have come across the Channel already this year. The only deal with France that would be effective would be if they agreed to take all the illegal migrants back. But they won’tMacron has flatly refused to do this. So everything that has now been agreed is pure theatre. It’s just a show, a pretence, to fool the naïve who still believe that the Conservative Party is somehow better than Labour on the issue of uncontrolled mass immigration. 

What nobody has pointed out is that if Sunak were really confident in his Illegal Migration Bill then there would be no need to hand over another half a billion pounds or so to the French, because the invading army of bogus asylum seekers would be deterred from coming here and the problem would be solved. Unfortunately, the more we examine this proposed legislation the more we see that it will be about as effective as a paper hat in a rainstorm. The Bill will enable the government to detain people who enter the UK illegally, with no recourse to bail or judicial review, for 28 days, during which time they should be removed either to their home country or to a safe third country, where they can claim asylum. But hang on a minute – why do we need any more legislation? After all, under section 80b of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, anyone arriving here from a safe third country (such as France) can have their asylum claim declared “inadmissible” and be deported. So why doesn’t the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, just do that? Because, it seems, this could be blocked by the Human Rights Act (HRA).

The Human Rights Act roadblock

So the new legislation will abolish, or amend, or at least completely circumvent the HRA, right? Err, no. As one legal expert has stated: “this Bill is in some ways curiously half-hearted. For instance, although it disapplies one key provision of the Human Rights Act (meaning that it will operate notwithstanding its existence), the Bill does not disapply others”. And therein lies the problem. The Bill is a sham and deliberately so. We are told that the Bill “radically narrows” the ability to block deportation through asylum, human rights or modern slavery claims. But “narrows” – whether “radically” or not – is NOT the same as eliminates. And we are told that judicial reviews will also be limited “except in exceptional cases”, but since lawyers will argue that every case is “exceptional” this really doesn’t help, does it?

It is clear that while Slimy Sunak is grandstanding that he is going to stop the invaders and their lawyers from abusing the HRA, the Bill does NOT do this. Specifically, it does not disapply section 4 of the HRA, meaning that the courts will still have the power to issue declarations that the law, or a specific part of it, is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Even worse, the Bill also retains section 10 of the HRA, meaning that the government will then be able to amend the law to water it down so that it does comply with the ECHR – and they will be able to do this using so-called ‘secondary legislation’ meaning this will be done by a minister without needing either a vote in parliament nor even a debate!

But wait – it gets worse! Yes, really. The Bill will not take precedence over section 6 of the HRA either. This makes it “unlawful for a public authority to act in a way that is incompatible” with a person’s rights under the ECHR. Given that “public authority” includes government departments, local authorities and the police, it is clear that ministers will not be able to proceed once the courts make such a declaration. So how likely are the courts to make a declaration to this effect? Quite high, as it happens. And you don’t have to take my word for it, as even Suella Braverman herself admitted she could not declare that the Bill’s provisions were compatible with the ECHR – indeed, she went further and said “there is a more than 50% chance that they may not be”. And even if British courts, by some miracle, don’t find the legislation to be incompatible with the Convention, you can bet that the European Court in Strasbourg will!

The final straw

As if all these flaws in the legislation were not enough, we come to the final straw: the fact that the much vaunted ’28 days detention’ is itself challengeable in court. The government has clearly stated that “there will be no restriction on the ability to apply for a writ of habeas corpus (or the equivalent procedure in Scotland) during this 28-day period”. And, of course, if deportation has not taken place after 28 days they can then also appeal to be released – and do you really believe that the government will get its act together and start deporting illegal migrants on time? So, far from putting an end to the legal challenges this legislation – if it ever gets on the statute book, given the opposition that is likely in the Lords – will just open the floodgates for yet more of the same.

The other point that needs to be stressed is that this latest idiotic plan will only work if the government actually get the deportation flights to Rwanda off the ground. After all, when they speak of “a safe third country” to which illegal migrants will be deported it is specifically Rwanda (to whom we have already paid over £140 million) that they are referring to. But not a single illegal migrant has been sent there yet. Why not? Because the government is waiting for all the legal challenges to be resolved. The odd thing is that the government actually won its case in the High Court. Yes, the lefty lawyers have appealed, but there has been no injunction granted to block the government from acting before the Court of Appeal (and then, no doubt, the Supreme Court) take their time to consider this. The government could just get on with things now. But they won’t. They are happy to let this drag on for months and, quite possibly, into next year!

The government has no real intention of solving this problem. On the contrary, what Slimy Sunak really wants is just to appear as if he is trying to solve it, and show that Labour and the left-wing lawyers are stopping him. That way he can fight the next election asking the people to vote Conservative to ‘Get the Small Boats Done!’ More and more political observers are coming to this conclusion, even one anonymous former minister who has been reported as saying: “The proposals, if you believe the briefings and the leaks, are a joke and I just cannot see how they will get on to the statute. They look like an attempt to go into the general election with some clear blue water between us and Labour. Propose a hardline law, have it stopped by the EU and the courts, blame lefty lawyers and Labour for being soft on immigration.” Are you going to fall for the same old trick yet again?

The big lie

I think most people are getting wise to the Lying Tories now. A poll published this weekend showed that 42% of the public support the government’s plan to deport those coming to the UK illegally, while 25% oppose it. However, the level of support for the Bill would have been much higher if the majority, 52%, hadn’t – quite rightly – said they thought “it would make no difference to the number of people arriving”! Once again the good sense of the British people shines through. This Illegal Migration Bill is going to join the very long list of other Tory promises and gimmicks that never got off the ground and never did any good. There was the ‘turning the boats back’ policy, the jet ski patrols, the extra Border Force boats, the use of the Royal Navy, giving money to France, setting up a “joint intelligence cell” with the French (when will the stupid Tories understand that the French are NOT our friends and are NOT going to help us?!), social media adverts to deter migrants from coming, making asylum seekers wear ankle tags … the list of failed initiatives just goes on and on, and continues now.

And here’s the final kick in the teeth to the British people: the real plan is to increase the number of asylum seekers allowed into the UK! Yes, you read that right. Chris Heaton-Harris, the Northern Ireland secretary (and therefore complicit in the Northern Ireland betrayal), has already indicated that there will be “more safe and legal routes” for refugees to come to the UK, and “government sources” have said that Braverman will increase the capacity of settlement schemes run by the United Nations. But you don’t need to rely on hints and leaks – just look at the Bill itself, which promises a new “safe and legal” route for those seeking asylum in Britain.

So, just like a magician who uses misdirection to take your attention away from what he is really doing, Slimy Sunak is pretending to want to stop the invasion but really all he wants is your vote, after which he will open the doors for even more asylum seekers to come here, giving big businesses more of the cheap workers they constantly ask for.

The only solution

The simplest and quickest solution to this problem is to simply say that anyone travelling through a safe country without applying for asylum there will automatically be deemed to be fraudulent. Given that we do not believe their claims we can then say that these people can be returned to their country of origin, as the ‘non-refoulement’ rule (which says we cannot send anyone to a country where they would be in danger) does not apply. In other words, the fact they didn’t bother to apply for asylum when they had the opportunity to do so means that we automatically believe they are not in danger in their home country. And we say there is NO right of appeal, of any kind whatsoever, and the deportation will take place the very evening of the day they arrive.

This would solve the problem overnight. Nobody would go to all the trouble and expense of coming all the way here if they knew for certain that they would immediately be sent right back to square one! But of course the Tories won’t do this. The Tories will ensure the UK is signed up to the UN 1951 Refugee Convention. However, the British Democrats will withdraw the UK from this outdated convention and secure our borders!

If you want sensible patriotic policies you need to start supporting a sensible patriotic party!

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