A pattern is forming in numerous boroughs and districts up and down the country. We have posted several reports recently on the issue of housing being specifically built or bought for migrants to live in. This short report is the another example of how migrants are given brand new housing, while literally MILLIONS of British people wait for years and years on council waiting lists!

Camden – Forty-one newly built private use homes in Camden, North London are to be removed from the market and used to house hotel dwelling Afghan migrants.

The flats on the Highgate Community Centre were part of a council redevelopment. Camden recently declared itself a “borough of sanctuary” with all-party support and Labour council leader Georgia Gould said the scheme is part of the council’s Community Investment Programme (CIP), and had always intended to be ‘flexible’ and now that funding was available the homes in Highgate would be used to ‘help refugees’.

Afghan migrants in their thousands have arrived in Camden. Some have moved on to other parts of the country but many have settled in Camden with their children being schooled there.

The British Democrats are fully committed to putting British people first for housing. The lack housing in the UK is caused by successive governments allowing millions of foreign nationals to enter and settle in our already overcrowded country! This is just one reason we are also fully committed to stopping any further permanent settlement of migrants, which will help solve the housing problem.

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