The native population in the UK is in decline in terms of the number of children being born. 

Countries such as Hungary have government policies that provide incentives to Hungarians, encouraging them to have larger families, rather than importing migrants to fill the void. We believe this is a sensible plan going forward and applaud the Hungarian government for taking this position.

Recently, a large family in Liverpool who desperately need housing, have had absolutely no help from Liverpool City Council.

A couple from Tuebrook in Liverpool and their eight children have been ordered to leave the home that they have rented from a private landlord so that the house can renovated into multiple occupancy use. 

Jodie Hand, 38 and her partner Carl Ellis, 45 have lived at the property for two years with their eight children, Carl, 19, Joseph, 15, Finley, 12, Leighton, 11, Matilda, five, Minnie, three, Bonnie, two and new arrival four-week old baby Leonard. Three of the children have autism. 

The couple at first received a notice last April, and were told to leave their home by June 28. Ms Hand said that they have never had rent arrears always paying their rent on time but it is understood that the landlord wishes to turn the property into a house of multiple occupancy (HMO) to make more money.

The family recently received a possession order telling them that they must leave the property by 17th March.  

Ms Hands said that her family moved to the house because the property was big enough for her large family. She also explained that they are not a problem family and that the only reason for the eviction was because the landlord would get more money if he had it as a HMO.

Liverpool City Council housing options team were contacted by the family for support in but they are yet to be offered any alternative accommodation. 

They have not yet received a band to access the council’s property pool and the only option is that they may have to move into a hotel. Ms Hands said that this would be unsuitable because of the children with ASD.

Ms Hands added “We’re not getting anywhere with anybody. No one is helping me at all.” 

The family are waiting for a reply from Liverpool council.  

Under a British Democrats administration, British people will be put first! Our policy of halting any further permanent settlement of migrants in the UK will help relieve the huge strain on housing and eventually put an end to the dreadful situation we currently have, as millions of British people are on housing waiting lists!

Housing should be for British people, not for migrants.

Support us and let’s put British People First’!

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