Labour leader, Keir Starmer, campaigned for 50 foreign criminals, among them drug dealers and violent thugs, to remain in Britain just a few weeks before becoming leader of the party in 2020 by adding his signature to a letter calling for their deportations to Jamaica to be cancelled.

He has also planned to oppose any deportations of illegal migrants to Rwanda but is, at the same time, insisting that he will be tough on crime and anti-social behaviour. Starmer, who was previously head of the Crown Prosecution Service, demanded that “all future flights be cancelled and that all the criminals involved should be handed free mobile phones, paid for by the tax-payer, to help their attempts to remain in Britain”.

Seven of the offenders that Starmer helped to remain have since gone on to re-offend. Among them is Akiva Heaven, a heroin dealer who has already served four years in prison having been released in 2018, and Barrington Laing who has a criminal record that goes back over ten years when he was in an gang at just 14 and banned from Croydon city centre for terrifying families. County lines drug dealer Laing was jailed for four years and four months in 2021. He received another six-month prison sentence last November for being in possession of a knife.

Other convicted immigrant criminals who remained cannot be named for legal reasons but include a robber who also committed a violent assault and a county-lines drug dealer who was convicted of stalking and dealing in hard drugs, and a convicted robber who went on to commit a violent assault and received a ten-month jail term. The seventh immigrant served a jail sentence for dealing in drugs.

The most high profile case was that of Ernesto Elliot, 45, who in 2021 carried out a brutal murder during a knife fight in Greenwich, south East London.

Convicted foreign criminals should be removed by long term legislation but a letter signed by Sir Keir with support from other Labour MP’s and celebrities helped thwart the deportations and a last minute legal challenge stopped 23 detainees from leaving the UK. Only17 were eventually deported.

Typically, on Thursday 23rd March, Keir Starmer refused to apologise for campaigning to keep evil foreign thugs in Britain. Immediately following his speech he refused to say he was sorry for signing the letter calling for the 50 offenders not to be deported to Jamaica.

Both Labour and Conservative are weak on crime and the causes of crime. In fact, both parties now champion criminals. There is no real difference between the two main parties on the big issues that really matter.

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