The creeping Islamisation of the UK has stepped up a gear in recent years, and is being rolled out with the blessing of the Lib-Lab-Con tricksters.

In November 2022, doctors at the Royal Stoke University hospital set up a fund-raising project to purchase the abandoned St. Peter’s church with plans for conversion to a new Mosque and Islamic centre on the site in the Westlands.

The fund has already raised £300,000 towards purchase of the renovation of the building with the remaining £250,000 from further fund-raising projects. 

The Newcastle-under-Lyme Islamic Centre has been set up to oversee the project being led by an Imam, trustees and a treasurer. 

A statement from the fund-raising appeal read: 

“Doctors working in and around Newcastle-under-Lyme have got together through our hospital mosque and formed the charity, Newcastle-under-Lyme Islamic Centre (NULIC). 

It has the aim of establishing a Mosque and Islamic centre in a large residential area that currently lacks adequate access to Mosques and Islamic education facilities.”

“We envisage NULIC to be a sanctuary for families to offer prayers to, and worship, our merciful creator, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala

A campaign was set up in a bid to save the church for the community, and after successfully registering the church as an ‘asset of community interest’ in February it was withdrawn from auction by the Methodist Church only to find later that another was rearranged taking place in October when last minute fundraising by Newcastle-based charity Friend of Guildford. 

Artefacts that have been removed from the church have recently been seen dumped near a skip at the rear for the church. 

The church was built around 1938 in two parts, the main chapel and the former Sunday school and church hall now to be used for religious or educational purposes.

Artefacts that have been removed from the church have recently been seen dumped near a skip at the rear for the church.

At the same time another church in Stoke-on-Trent, the Nationalist Spiritualist Church, has been converted into the Selapadin Mosque along with two adjacent buildings that have also been renovated for use by worshippers who have been seen exiting from the back and putting on their sandals. 

We urge you all to think very carefully about our children and our grandchildren. What type of future they will have if our beautiful country falls to Islam!

We ask you to remain focused on creating a bright and positive future for the British people!

The Lib-Lab-Con liars have betrayed our people time and again and can never be trusted.

However, the message from the British Democrats is as follows: Don’t get mad – Get political and join us!

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