Former England Cricket Captain Michael Vaughan has been exonerated from Racism charges at an enquiry, but so far a line has not been drawn under it. Guilt by accusation is the criteria for judgement in this case! The BBC appears to be applying the delusional expression, ‘There’s no smoke without a fire’, but the Corporation is putting up a smokescreen because of the subject’s sensitivity and the indications so far is that a successful former cricketer is being hung out to dry, as we await news of his BBC reinstatement.

Contrast this with former England Footballer Gary Lineker who made idiosyncratic comments on controversial issues who is still on the payroll (£1.35 Million per year), and should have been removed. It is a tale of two presenters, one who is WOKE, and one who isn’t! In Mr Vaughans case the “The balance of probabilities” was quoted where the onus of proof is less than ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, but with Mr Lineker the tacit imbalance of double standards was applied despite public disquiet.

A flagship programme of the BBC has been A Question of Sport but it is now confronted with a question of credibility, which can be resolved through Market Testing and a removal of the licence fee.

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