Serco is a Hampshire-based private contracting company that works in public services across several sectors and who operates in securing immigration detention and accommodation and support services for asylum seekers (migrants). This includes subsistence payments for migrants whilst their claims are being processed.

They are now seeking landlords to take in migrants as they continue to cross the channel and reach the UK in record numbers with more than 46,000 migrants having arrived in small boats by the end of 2022.

Serco’s promise is to consider all property types in the Northwest, Midlands, and East of England including empty properties, HMOs, residential, homes, and student accommodation.

In 2019 the Home Office awarded the company a £1.9 billion contract over the next 10 years and are now in the process of housing 30,000 asylum seekers (migrants) in 6,000 homes.

A statement on their website reads:

‘Serco provides asylum accommodation and support services in the North West of England, Midlands, and East of England. Our purpose is the provision of accommodation, transportation and subsistence payments for asylum seekers whilst their claims are being processed’

We are responsible for over 30,000 asylum seekers in an ever-growing portfolio of more than 7000 properties. Our operating model is based on leasing properties from a wide network of landlords, investors, and agents with Serco acting as a Tenant’

Serco is confident that their lease provision offering long-term contracts for 5+ years is an attractive proposition to landlords with no void periods. 

They can also promise;

  • All rent is paid on time every month, in full, and with no arrears
  • Full repair and maintenance lease excluding latent and structural defects
  • Utilities and Council Tax bills paid by Serco and full HMO
  • Property management including monthly property and periodic safety inspections. 
  • No fees, letting, or management costs.

Part of the criteria for a preferred property is that the location is close to shops and places of worship but not next to pubs or nightclubs! That’s interesting!

Dispersal is across the North West, Midlands, and the East of England. There will be 60 towns and cities in the Midlands including Birmingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Leicester, Northamptonshire, Walsall, Staffordshire, Peterborough, and Mansfield. A further 32 locations in the North West that include Blackpool, Cheshire, Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Rochdale, and Oldham and 17 in the East of England which are, Ipswich, Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Norwich, Great Yarmouth and the Broadlands.

We wonder who has shares in businesses such as Serco?

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