Countless mainstream programmes continue to incorporate extremist Green Climate propaganda into their output, seemingly without any desire to question the most outlandish and improbable. Typically the BBC is mixing fiction with cherry-picked fact, doused in error-ridden political Net Zero propaganda, and presented as a learned contribution to our understanding of how the climate is breaking down. To put it bluntly the whole affair is one-sided obfuscation! 

Extreme weather is not becoming more frequent according to reasonable monitoring and analysis. The BBC is catastrophizing every weather event, yet reported nothing about four leading Italian Scientists concluding that ‘Climate Emergency’ was not supported by factual data. They found that rainfall intensity and frequency is stationary in many parts of the world.

The Cricket season is now under way and what is frequent and stationary going back decades is that rain will inevitably stop play from the village greens to Test Match grounds. Be sure there is an army of charlatans out there who will attribute it to Climate Change – what alarmists. Mad information emanates from Auntie Beeb and can we expect a Cricket commentator to be sacked for misgendering someone for describing a bowler as ‘having bowled a Maiden Over’?