As we move away from Easter 2023, a significant time on the Christian calendar, the Cross of St George is under attack as 23rd April approaches.

Magdalen College, a constituent college of the University of Oxford, which has held regular annual banquets to commemorate England’s legendary Patron Saint will not take place this year. Dons, fellows and students will not be enjoying a traditional feast among its Spires. Instead the College will host a formal dinner with halal meat for Eid, the end of the Islamic Festival Ramadan, which incidentally ends two days earlier on 21st April.

One Don said, “The cancelling of St George’s Day is yet another example of the deep antipathy that the leaders of so many of Britain’s academic institutions seem to feel towards the country that built and maintains them”.

Maintenance has gone to be replaced by the erosion of our Christian heritage, where ‘Diversity’ rules.

The British Democrats will defend our Christian heritage and our Patron Saint celebrations.

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