We have the pleasure of announcing that British Democrats member and long-standing Patriot John Robinson has been re-elected to Barnham Council in West Sussex. 

Due to John’s vast local knowledge of the area, having lived there his entire life, the council chairman of the planning committee has invited him onto the committee and John has accepted the offer. Well done John!

Councillor Robinson has been busy, as usual, working on behalf of local residents to prevent large-scale development house building on green spaces in Barnham and Eastergate. There has been some success in what John and his colleagues have been doing in terms of protecting the greenbelt and wildlife in the area.

The huge building developments pushed through by Conservative politicians is a disaster, as it’s putting pressure on the local infrastructure of the old village drainage and waste systems. Of course, the Tories are only interested in helping their big business friends make massive profits through the building developments.

John has also achieved another important local goal by ensuring preservation orders are put on hedges and trees to prevent them being destroyed as they are hunting grounds for bats.

The British Democrats will aim to fill local government seats at all levels wherever possible. We urge all Patriots to stand at local government elections when the opportunity arises, or endeavour to get themselves co-opted or even elected unopposed onto their local Town or Parish Council if there are vacancies.

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