‘Take Back Control’, ‘Get Brexit Done’ – these are the sort of slogans we heard following our 2016 referendum to leave the EU. Rishi Sunak has stated that dealing with the boat-loads of illegal immigrants arriving at Dover is his No 1 priority, he is reported as saying that ‘There is no single simple solution that will fix it, and it won’t happen overnight’. Since the Tories came to power in 2010, immigration, both legal and illegal has exploded. The Tories seem to have neither the will or the power to get a grip on immigration. We all know that there is a whole industry including charities, human rights lawyers and George Soros, intent on facilitating illegal migration in the UK.

It has been brought to our attention by a new member of the British Democrats in the north east of England, that although we are supposedly no longer part of the EU, that entity continues to extend it’s tentacles into the affairs of our country, particularly in relation to migration. The information below explains the working of the EU-funded AMIF (ASYLUM MIGRATION and INTEGRATION FUND) whose stated aim is ‘Making the management of migration flows more efficient across the EU’ which appears to include facilitating on-going migration into the UK with direct funding to UK public bodies. In other words, this EU organisation seeks to continue to thwart the wishes of the UK electorate, who overwhelmingly wish to see immigration reduced drastically.

The British Democrats policy on ‘Sovereignty of the UK’ states that the United Kingdom must withdraw from all international organisations that encroach on our sovereignty. Withdrawing from the EU should have been a first step in that direction. In addition, being committed to ending the permanent settlement of migrants, a British Democrat government would also seek to withdraw from the UN 1951 Refugee Convention, the European Court of Human Rights and the Global Compact for Migration. We can never be a fully independent and sovereign country if we continue to tolerate such gross interference in the functioning of our government and its ability to carry out the wishes of it’s citizens.

The following information was sent to our website team by a new member of the British Democrats. We thank them for their important contribution to our website.


The majority of funding for mass immigration into the UK appears to come from:

EUROPEAN UNION ASYLUM, MIGRATION AND INTEGRATION FUND (AMIF), who state that they are: “Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union”.


I understand that EU-AMIF funding is paid to local authorities, to central government and to registered charities / NGOs.

The EU-AMIF have this above webpage, which anyone can view – but unless someone is directly involved with what’s going on, I suggest that no one would be able to find this information, or even know where to start looking.

Colleges and training providers also receive EU-AMIF funds for the purpose of teaching migrants to speak, read and write English, which is often actioned through ‘Adult Learning’ departments within local councils, as well as at local colleges and community colleges.

Some funding is allegedly paid indirectly i.e. paid to one organisation, and the funds are then forwarded on to ‘end user’ organisations (possibly to conceal the original source of the funding?)

The UK Skills Funding Agency (SFA) may also receive EU-AMIF funding.

Most new immigrants to the U.K, including English Channel ‘small boat immigrants’, attend colleges.

Some colleges provide free, hot meals. At college they are taught English, given training and information about employment opportunities.

Migrants also receive advice & assistance through local asylum / refugee charities NGOs for everyday needs.

UK charities NGOs working with Asylum Seekers / Refugees will probably also receive EU-AMIF funding.

These are locally based charities NGOs which are there to assist Asylum seekers and Refugees. (These can be searched for and found because they generally have the word Asylum or Refugee in their official names, titles.)

These charities have offices in the hotels where migrants are resident, in a converted hotel room, to assist migrants with everything they need for transition from life in the hotels to a more stable life in the community.

I would suggest that Freedom of Information requests need to be submitted to UK local councils and to central government to discover how much funding from EU-AMIF is currently received, also how much has been received in the past, to which organisations funds were forwarded and exactly what it has been spent on.

The funding incomes of charities may well be available to view as well (possibly as a legal condition of their charitable status, therefore available under F.O.I legislation.)

Also, through FOI requests, it might also be possible to find evidence of funding sources for the large number of Turkish hairdressers which are currently opening up in so many towns throughout our country. This funding might also come from EU-AMIF.

As the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the E.U – and we were told that the UK did actually leave the EU – why are UK central and local government, UK charities and colleges / training providers, receiving payments from the European Union, a foreign Empire?

How can this EU funding to “make migration flows more efficient across the European Union”, DIRECTLY INTO THE UK, be legal as the UK is – allegedly – no longer a part of the European Union?

Surely, these immigrants are not genuine refugees as this mass immigration is funded and, I suspect, fully organised by the EU?

Did the British government agree to work with EU-AMIF as part of the treaty / agreements they signed with the EU, post BRexit, to facilitate mass immigration? 

The UK government has a department which deals with AMIF funding; they have webpage which states the following:

“The asylum migration and integration fund (AMIF) is a European Union fund. The fund is designed to help member states manage migration and implement, strengthen and develop a common EU approach to asylum and immigration. The AMIF UK Responsible Authority administers AMIF policy set out by EU regulations, in the UK.”


Many people whose jobs involve a working knowledge of the above are required to sign ‘confidentiality agreements’.

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