Politicians obviously have an obsession with migrants, they seem to believe firmly that everyone owes them a living.

Welsh Labour ministers have put forward a plan to pay asylum seekers a monthly cash sum of £1,600 which will be used to help fight deportation cases.

A Universal Basic Income (UBI) for migrants will allow them access to legal aid to support their case for remaining in the UK, and all at the taxpayers’ expense.

Plans have been submitted by Labour co-signatories Jane Hutt, Julie Morgan, and Mick Antoniw (all pictured above) in a letter written to Justice Secretary Lord Bellamy demanding that “all adult arrivals must receive the UBI when they arrive in Wales and not be deprived of help with legal fees”. The plan will also apply to child migrants once they turn 18.

The plans come at a time when some vulnerable and genuine benefit recipients could see a reduction in their payments.

The UK government is housing migrants at a daily cost of £7 million to the taxpayer and last year legal aid costs for asylum cases topped £30 million.

The British Democrats will put an end to this unsustainable and perpetual drain on the British taxpayer.

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