Although the origins of St George are unclear, it is not so much the man but rather the ideals which he has come to represent, which have made him the focus of heroic legends and inspirational courage.

The spirit of Saint George, England’s patron Saint who is celebrated today, serves as a guide and inspiration for English Patriots and all other indigenous peoples of the British Isles in their fight to reverse the destruction of our great nation.

According to legend, Saint George was an imperial guard of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

In the year AD 302, Diocletian issued an edict that every Christian soldier in the army be arrested and that all the soldiers of Roman make an offering to the pagan gods.

Tradition claims St George, who had converted to Christianity, refused and declared publicly his opposition to the edict. He was arrested and tortured, and finally executed for his faith.

The St George’s flag, a red cross on a white field, was first adopted by England and the City of London in 1190.

The most popular legend that is built around Saint George is the ‘slaying of the dragon’.

This legend was brought back to Britain by English Crusaders who were fighting violent Islamic expansion during the 1100’s. The legend says that a dragon made a home for itself at a spring which provided the water for the city of Silene in modern day Libya.

In order to draw water, the citizens of Silene first had to lure the dragon away from the water. This meant they had to offer a sheep by way of sacrifice each day.

Soon, however, the townsfolk ran out of sheep and had to start offering humans to appease the dragon, with the victims selected at random by drawing lots.

Until one day when the daughter of the king of Silene was selected to be offered as the sacrifice to the dragon. Fortunately for her, this was the precise moment when St George passed through Silene.

The most popular legend that is built around St George is the ‘slaying of the dragon’.
The image above is St George’s window at St Lawrence Church, London.

He confronted the dragon, protecting himself with the sign of the cross. He slew the beast and rescued the princess, ridding the townsfolk of the terrible curse.

Although the stories are myths, they do represent important characteristics such as faithfulness, loyalty and willingness to stand up for one’s beliefs no matter what the consequences to honour, chivalry, bravery and courage.

All of these characteristics can be found in the British Democrats, which parallels much of St George’s fight for justice, truth and survival against an array of truly evil forces which would see Britain destroyed.

In this spirit of resistance, the British Democrats wish everyone a happy St. George’s Day.

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