Reports in the news today confirm what most of us already know about the Labour party and there plans to concrete all over our beautiful countryside. Labour leader Kier Starmer has backed more building on green belt land. 

Starmer, who is now well known for doing political summersaults, is hoping to capitalise on Conservative infighting over house-building, with Rishi Sunak caught between Red Wall MPs who want targets to drive construction – and many in traditional Tory heartlands who are alarmed about local anger at developments.

The elephant in the room both Tory and Labour politicians won’t talk about is the driving force behind the need for more homes – Immigration!

As we have published on our website in previous articles, there isn’t a housing crisis, there’s an immigration crisis!

With an estimated up to one million people set to arrive in the UK within the next twelve months, there is certainly no disputing the fact that immigration is the problem.

Conservative and Labour will continue to pour concrete over our green spaces

British Democrat councillors are fighting to preserve our green spaces, agricultural land and ancient woodland. We are totally opposed to pouring concrete all over our green and pleasant land! When building developments are approved by Lib-Lab-Con councils, green spaces are lost forever!

Saving our green spaces will be a key feature in the forthcoming British Democrats local government manifesto.