Whatever the criticisms you may have of Labour, or the LibDems, or the SNP, or any other party, the fact is that the most dishonest party of them all is the Conservatives. They pretend to be one thing when in reality they are the very opposite.

Joshua Sutcliffe (pictured above), a 33-year-old who taught maths at The Cherwell School in Oxford, was found to have failed to treat a pupil ‘with dignity and respect’ by addressing them by a female pronoun when they identified as male.

So, the Conservatives they say they are opposed to the extreme politically correct, woke, marxist agenda, but they actually support it. And that’s why we regularly get stories like this one, where a teacher has been sacked and banned from teaching because he didn’t use the ‘correct’ pronoun when referring to a a girl who stupidly, and wrongly, claimed to be a boy. Actually, of course, he did use the ‘correct’ pronoun, because nobody can change their sex. We have explained this before: your sex is determined by your chromosomes. Not by a physical feature that can be changed through cosmetic surgery (such as a penis, or vagina, or breasts). So the position is crystal clear. It is black and white. It is binary and immutable. If you have a Y chromosome then you are a man. And if you don’t then you’re a woman. That’s it. It is decided at birth and cannot be changed.

Nor is this teacher the first to be banned for this absurd ‘crime’ of ‘misgendering’. Why is this constantly happening? In this case the teacher was banned by the Teaching Regulation Agency, but all the quangos and even the main civil service departments are the same: they are controlled by left-wing extremists. And what has the Conservative government done since being in power for thirteen years to correct this? Nothing.

That’s why you have to laugh when Tory ministers complain that the ‘blob’ is out to get them. Raab, Patel, Braverman, and of course Boris. All the victims of civil service complaints designed to get them sacked. Well, it serves them right for not taking action to ‘take back control’ over these far-left officials. The government needs to adopt a system whereby they appoint their own senior staff. Only this way can they be sure that they have officials who will work with them to implement their agenda rather than against them to frustrate it. And ministers should have the power to sack any official that they are not satisfied with, either because their performance is unsatisfactory or because they do not accept the political directions of the government.

Ministers are elected, and therefore they have democratic legitimacy to impose their political agenda. Officials – including judges – are not elected, and therefore cannot allow their personal views to conflict with those of the government. But ministers have refused to assert their authority and now some of them are suffering.

The British Democrats are here to counter the woke, politically correct cancel culture. We will introduce commonsense, traditional, wholesome and healthy values back into society. Join us!

Joshua Sutcliffe (image from YouTube)