By Giuseppe De Santis

For years Nationalists have claimed that immigration is not a solution for the workforce shortage and this is especially true in social care, and the argument can be used for every sector that is now struggling to attract workers.

Now we can claim that some researchers are confirming we have been right all along, thus proving that our ideas are now becoming mainstream.

In an interesting article published by the Local Government Chronicle, Simon Bottery, a senior fellow at the King’s Fund, a think tank focusing on healthcare, claims that the shortage of workers in the social care sector cannot be fixed by immigration. He said, it can be solved only by providing better salaries and improved working conditions.

Mr Bottery explains clearly that the main reason why few people want to work in social care is because other sectors like retail and the NHS offer better wages than social care and unless there is a change on pay, the problem is likely to persist.

Of course, some think those vacancies can be filled by immigrants, but Mr Bottery argues immigration will not ease this shortage, because by 2035, 480,000 more care workers maybe needed, and recruiting from other countries is not a realistic option.

Such a statement is very important because neither Mr Bottery, nor the King’s Fund can be accused of being ‘Nationalist’. So, this gives more credibility to the British Democrats position on migration.

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Image : UK Care Home & Live in Care Forum

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