By Giuseppe De Santis

In 2019 the government of Ghana launched the “Year of Return”, an initiative for African Americans to remember their roots and come to Africa, not only as tourists but also to settle there so they can use capital and skills to invest in their continent.

The choice of the year was not a coincidence, as 2019 marked 400 years since the first cargo ship loaded with slaves, left Africa for Virginia.

Since 2019, approximately 1,500 African Americans left the USA and settled in Ghana. Their main motivation is that in an African country they felt more welcome than they did in the USA. In addition, there are opportunities to invest and realise their dreams, and in Ghana the cost of living is lower.

Other reasons for moving to Ghana are related to the fact that they are less likely to be shot or harassed by the police and they felt more comfortable to living in a place where the inhabitants are of the same ethnic group.

Of course, living in Ghana is not that simple, given that culture and other habits are completely different from the USA. And most important of all, in Ghana is not possible to live on benefits because there is not a welfare system as there is in the USA. However, this didn’t stop African Americans from settling in this African country.

Indeed, if there is something that this story teaches us, it’s the demographic change caused by mass immigration can be reversed little by little, and many immigrants in the UK could eventually go back to their own countries.

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