By Giuseppe De Santis

For years Nationalists campaigned to bring back UK manufacturing jobs, and for years, they endured accusations from the political elite of being ignorant and stupid. But now they have been vindicated by French President Emmanuel Macron.

In fact, a few days ago, Mr. Macron unveiled a policy aimed at bringing back to France the production of key medicines ranging from antibiotics to paracetamol.

Emmanuel Macron was forced to act because of a severe shortage of basic medicines in France caused by problems in the foreign manufacture of those medicines.

Moving production abroad was a huge mistake, and therefore, the French government has drawn up a ‘core list’ of essential medicines, half of which will be produced, or their production significantly increased in the coming weeks.

“The long-term solution to avoid shortages in our pharmacies is to bring back our factories. That is what we are doing for many drugs,” Macron said.

The French President also cited an investment of 22 million Euros (£190 million) from British health group GSK to modernise its existing amoxicillin antibiotic production site in the Mayenne region of western France and also to hire staff.

The antibiotic, which is most prescribed to children to treat infections, is regularly out of stock.

Now it’s worth noting that Emmanuel Macron is an arch-globalist, but damning evidence has forced him to shelve his globalist policies and act like a nationalist; this is another piece of evidence that the views and policies of the British Democrats are based on common sense and are becoming mainstream outside Britain.

Of course, Macron and the French political establishment are under constant pressure from Marine Le Pen and the National Rally party who have 89 seats on the National Assembly, which is the equivalent of 89 seats at our Westminster Parliament. French voters are increasingly more supportive of Nationalist Le Pen and the the policies advocated by the National Rally.

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