Patriotic Nationalist party, Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) candidate Robert Sesselmann won the second round of elections in Sonneberg, Thuringia, on Sunday, becoming the first politician from the party to hold a district leadership post. The win is being reported as a historic victory for the party at a time when the AfD is seeing record support from the population and routinely polling between 19 and 20 percent in nationwide surveys.

Sesselmann defeated the incumbent CDU candidate Jürgen Köpper by a convincing margin.
Preliminary election results show Sesselmann with 52.8 percent of the vote and Köpper with 47.2 percent.

Although he did not achieve an absolute majority in the first round, Sesselmann won 47 percent of the votes, making him the strong favorite to win in the second round.

The win is even more impressive as it was achieved despite a cross-party coalition of Greens, Free Democrats (FDP), the Left party, and the Social Democrats (SPD) endorsing the CDU candidate and urging their voters to back him against the AfD. The German fake news press also made the election a national issue, warning of a “threat against democracy” should the AfD win. This shows how the media are completely out of touch with reality.

In his campaign, the AfD candidate promised voters that he would tackle high inflation and the problem of immigration. The rural and conservative population of Germany is increasingly dissatisfied with the current leadership, which could lead to a national rise of the AfD.

The AfD celebrated the win on Twitter, writing: “Sonneberg experienced its blue miracle: Robert Sesselmann is the first AfD district administrator in Germany. Congratulations and thanks to all supporters and voters – they all made history today!”

Robert Sesselmann poster from the AfD Twitter account

Across Europe, Patriotic Nationalist political parties are winning elections on multiple levels. The British Democrats intend to do exactly the same here in the UK!

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