By Giuseppe De Santis 

The British Democrats is a political party that has a primary goal to stop permanent settlement immigration into the UK and solve the immigration mess caused by the Labour Party and the Conservatives.

Nationalists have been campaigning on this issue for many years, and therefore, the ruling elite and the mainstream media (MSM) have accused nationalists of being racist, ignorant, and of creating division in the community. 

However, nationalist ideas are taking hold in continental Europe (where anti-immigration parties are on a roll) and also in the USA. The Representative for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, Mike Collins, is campaigning not only to stop immigrants from crossing the border but also to eject illegal immigrants living on American soil.

In an interview reported in the Daily Mail, Mike Collins claimed he wants to stop all the immigration in the USA until the southern border is secure. He justifies his position with the fact that Latin American drug cartels are trying to find new ways of making money  given that smuggling marijuana is no longer lucrative and, therefore, they are turning to the illegal immigrant trade.

Republicans blame Democrat President Joe Biden for the immigration crisis, and because they cannot do anything at the federal level, they are acting at the local level. In that regard, the Texas governor is putting barriers along the banks of the Rio Grande, the river that separates Texas from Mexico, in order to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing that river.

However, so far the biggest move against immigration has been enacted in Florida where Republican Governor Ron De Santis pushed for the toughest anti-immigration law ever in the USA. Among other things, hospitals will have to release data about how much they spend every year in the treatment of illegal immigrants. Additionally, driving licences given to illegal immigrants in other states will be invalid, and the new law will punish businesses that employ illegal immigrants. Nationalists in the UK also want to enact these commonsense policies.

This is another indication of how the commonsense policies of the British Democrats are popular all over the world.

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