By David Furness

The government has announced that it will underwrite a £680 million loan (provided by three banks) to a Turkish company so that it can complete a 178-mille electric railway in Turkey. Underwriting means taking on some of the risk. Meanwhile, rail workers in the UK are striking for better pay.

The Turkish company is Rönesans Holding, a project development and construction group. It was founded in 1993 in Russia. The UK hopes that there will be a reduction in carbon emissions in Turkey by the construction of this railway. It also hopes that there might be some opportunities for British companies during the construction. So, it could be viewed like a bribe. In other words, the government will support the loan as long as they give British companies some work. At this time, it’s unclear which British companies will benefit and by how much.

Why is the Turkish government not getting involved in these loans?

Why are we helping the Turkish railway system and not the British railway system?

This Tory government seem to take a perverse joy in giving assistance to other countries while neglecting our own country, whether it’s helping Turkey to reduce its carbon emissions or giving billions to Ukraine for a war.

The British Democrats will invest British money here at home in the UK, to improve our country’s infrastructure, and the well-being of the British people.

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