By Giuseppe De Santis 

It’s a well-known fact that native Britons are treated like third-class citizens in their own country as immigrants and asylum seekers get preferential treatment in the allocation of council accommodation.

There are countless examples of discrimination and the latest comes from the city of Chelmsford in Essex, where the government has acquired a luxury apartment complex to house asylum seekers, and already dozens of them have moved into the 98-unit complex.

Unsurprisingly, local residents opposed the scheme and said it was “grossly unfair” to house asylum seekers in plush apartments while hundreds of families were stuck in temporary and sub-standard accommodation. 

Local campaign group Baddow and Sandon Neighbourhood Association said many local people were outraged by the move, claiming that more than 400 families in Chelmsford were currently in temporary accommodation and often in very poor quality properties. Meanwhile, people who broke the law are being rewarded with luxury apartments.

Luxury apartments for asylum seekers

This is upsetting but hardly surprising as the three main parties don’t care about the needs of poor native Britons, and cases like that are common in the UK.

It’s time to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and support the British Democrats, the only political party willing to stop this madness.

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