The following letter was written by British Democrats member Milton Ellis and sent to his local newspaper in Wales, the County Times.

Dear Sir,

We continually hear about new arrivals of refugees from everywhere in the world, and now the Sudanese; the boats are arriving every day without any end in sight. The rising world population, such as in India and Africa, and climate change is only going to make things worse. This was all predicted, many years ago, in a book called Camp Of The Saints by Jean Raspail.

In the 1940s, Britain had a population of about 50 million, and the country had difficulty feeding itself when blockaded by the German U-boats. Today, the population is about 67 million. When the Titanic sank, some of the boats still had spare places in them, but they did not return to the splashing masses for fear of being overturned. Today, with the situation we now face, tough decisions need to be made, or we face being overwhelmed. We need to rescind legislation about human rights and the automatic processing of refugees and end it altogether. The boats should be returned to France.

When Britain is destroyed, the refugees may be able to return to their homelands and enjoy their heritage & culture, but the British people will never be able to return to Britain and it will not be the land fit for heroes for which, such great sacrifice was made during two world wars, and they will have been betrayed. “To be, or not to be? That is the question…”.

Asylum means to be protected from harm or danger; it is the British people who need asylum in their own country!

Yours sincerely,
Milton Ellis

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