By Giuseppe De Santis

If anyone wonders what is wrong with immigration to this country, then look no further than the case of Ali Harbi Ali (pictured above).

This person should not have been allowed into this country under any circumstances. However, thanks to Britain’s open door policy, not only did he come to the UK, but also in 2021, he brutally murdered Tory MP Sir David Amess by stabbing him 20 times.

In the pre-meditated attack, Ali armed himself with a knife before entering the MP’s constituency surgery and then he assassinated the Member of Parliament.

Upon his immediate arrest, the 25-year-old Islamic State sympathizer confessed to the killing, telling police in an interview: “I mean, I guess yeah, I killed an MP. I done it, so yeah.”

This should be enough to make any law-abiding citizen’s blood boil with anger, but it’s not the end of the story.

In fact, to add insult to the injury, this Jihadi murderer received more than £100,000 in legal aid to fight for his defense. Yes, that’s £100,000 in legal expenses that came from the pocket of taxpayers.

This is, of course, unacceptable. A disgusting incident like is just one of the many reasons why nationalist parties are on the rise all across Europe.

As far as we are concerned, we won’t stop reporting these stories because we believe British people deserve better, and we will not rest until this madness stops.

The British people are in dire need of political representation that meets our needs and our expectations. The British Democrats are a growing, sensible, patriotic party. We are determined to meet the needs faced by our beleaguered nation.

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Image credited to GB News You Tube