By Giuseppe De Santis

It’s a well-known fact that asylum seekers are living in luxury accommodation while
many native Britons who are in trouble are lucky if they can get a room in some filthy hostel. This latest story will anger even the most thick-skinned of us.

A few days ago, the Daily Mail reported that an asylum seeker who chronicled his journey from France to Britain in a video posted on TikTok is now living in a luxury hotel at taxpayers’ expense.

The name of that asylum seeker is Rahat Popal. After crossing the Channel in a dinghy, he is now staying at the luxurious Atrium hotel near Heathrow Airport where every room costs £241 per night.

The hotel’s website describes it as London’s ‘latest icon’ and ‘a brand new urban retreat, offering 573 ultra chic bedrooms, delectable culinary offerings, sizeable event spaces, and exquisite wellness.’

A further description on the website states: ‘Our warm, inviting hotel will serve as the perfect place to call home for however long you’re staying in London.’ It continues: ‘Relax in stylish accommodations, make yourself at home with an assortment of amenities, and enjoy extraordinary service. Above all, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we’ve got everything taken care of.’

The hotel also boasts that it has ‘the cosiest beds in all of London’, stating that lying down on one is ‘like sleeping on a cloud.’

Initially targeted at business class travellers using Heathrow airport, the hotel was recently taken over by the Home Office to temporarily house asylum seekers like Mr Popal.

The hotel is described on booking sites as ‘a striking, contemporary hotel’ that is close to famous tourist sites like Hampton Court Palace and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The description continues: ‘Relaxed rooms feature Wi-Fi, flat-screen [TV] and mini fridges, as well as tea and coffee making facilities….amenities include an indoor pool, a sauna, and a steam room. There’s also a gym.’

It’s unclear whether all the facilities are currently open to asylum seeking residents.  Rates for individual rooms are not currently available as they have been block-booked to house asylum seekers until next April at least – but comparable hotels nearby start at £125 a night.

The Home Office is paying for the entire hotel and is understood to be using the hotel to hold asylum seekers before they are dispersed further afield. A bus arrives each morning to ferry them to various residences around Britain.

The building is now guarded by security officials in stab proof jackets. Each resident is marked out of the hotel and checked back in by security with visitors banned. Scores of bored asylum seekers assemble in the back yard of the hotel under the eye of guards.

Is it any wonder why so many bogus asylum seekers want to come in the UK? This madness is clearly unacceptable. View the video below.

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