By Giuseppe De Santis 

German anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (German: Alternative für Deutschland – ‘AfD’) party has reached a record high in popularity scoring 23% in the latest opinion poll, a level never achieved before. This is sending ripples across the political landscape in Germany.

This poll carried out recently by the ARD German TV channel programme Morgenmagazin (Morning Magazine) puts AfD in second place among the most popular political parties in Germany.

This is an important achievement for a party that was founded only a decade ago and until last year was polling below 20%. The reason behind its success can be found in the unhappiness of German voters about coalition policies on energy and immigration.

To understand the importance of this popularity it’s important to look at how far the AfD went to increase its support.

In that regard, it’s worth noticing that until a few months ago AfD was very popular only in East Germany. However, this is not true anymore because AfD got its best-ever results at the local elections that took place on the 8th of October in the western states of Bavaria (German: Bayern) and Hesse (German: Hessen).

In Bavaria, AfD came third with a record 14.8% support whereas in Hesse it came second with a record 18.4% support. Those results sent shockwaves across the German political landscape.

So far, no other party is willing to work with them and therefore, for the moment, AfD will be in opposition. However, this isolation is unlikely to continue because in September 2024 there will be local elections in three states of East Germany where AfD is the dominant party with record support of 30%. Few believe it can be kept out from governing Germany.

Anti-immigration parties similar to the British Democrats are steadily building support across Europe. We look forward to working with some of these patriots over the coming years, as we build the British Democrats into a solid, and successful campaigning machine that will sink deep roots into communities the length and breadth of the country.

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