By David Fleming

A plan has emerged to stop rapists and burglars going to prison as they are full. Lord Edis, Senior Presiding Judge for England and Wales, is said to have ordered a delay to the sentencing of these convicted criminals. This report will instill fear into the minds of victims, confounding Tory voters, and scaring a protection seeking public at its audacity.

This dangerous strategy is happening under the governance of the Conservatives, which can no longer call itself the Party of Law and Order. As the Tories continue to slide on more banana skins, it gives gloating satisfaction to Labour, with a potential to be handed the next General Election on a plate, which is undesirable. Parties don’t win elections, Governments lose them! The incumbent at No 10, PM Rishi Sunak will rightly or wrongly get the blame for this latest recklessness on non-custodial sentencing, and there are millions of voters who will swallow it.

The ludicrous comparison in Modern Britain is that there is no room in jails for rapists and burglars, but cellular accommodation will be readily available for freethinking political dissedents and ‘hate speakers’. For those tempted to vote in Labour for the sake of a change in about a year’s time, be aware that the Blob Officialdom culture will not change as culture continues WOKING, not to be confused with a town in Surrey.

The only way to stop the Lib-Lab-Con continuing the ruination of our country is to support the British Democrats!

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