By David Furness

Ulez Referendum Day (otherwise known as the London Mayoral Election) will take place on 2nd May 2024.

The present London Mayor Sadiq recently expanded the Ulez (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) zone to the outer London area. Any car which is not Ulez-compliant that drives into London will have to pay £12.50 per day. The Establishment has been stunned by the fierce opposition to the Ulez charge. Activists calling themselves Blade Runners have been rendering many Ulez cameras inoperable.

The London Mayor’s Office paid £800,000 to Imperial College’s Environmental Research Group to write a report stating Ulez expansion would bring immense health benefits to Londoners.

However, just recently, another department (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) at Imperial College came to the conclusion that ‘… Ulez is not an effective strategy to improve air quality.’ Sadiq Khan is said to be furious. You would also be furious if you had wasted £800,000!

The £12.50 Ulez charge disproportionately affects motorists who may not be able to afford a newer car. Many businesses in London are now adding the Ulez charge to customers’ bills if they have to visit the customer. So, Ulez is not only adding to the cost of doing business in London but also to the cost of living in London.

I was watching a programme on TV recently and an anti-Ulez protestor was being interviewed. After the protestor said that Ulez amounted to a ‘tax on the poor’, the interviewer responded by saying “Well, if they can’t afford the Ulez charge or if they can’t afford a new car then perhaps they shouldn’t be driving at all.” This is the sneering attitude of the ruling elite who would like to clear the streets of those whom they consider to be lesser beings.

Ulez is just the first step in the relentless war against motorists. Sadiq Khan has submitted plans to charge motorists £4 (one way) to use the Blackwall Tunnel. London’s newest tunnel, the Silvertown Tunnel, will have a similar charge. Additionally, Sadiq Khan has instructed software engineers to set up a pay-per-mile scheme for all cars travelling in London.

Khan has strenuously denied any plans for pay-per-mile. However, he is a politician and he knows there is an election coming up on 2nd May 2024. If he admits plans for a pay-per-mile scheme then he will face certain defeat. If he wins then there is a possibility that he can change his mind (as politicians do!). To remove any doubt whatsoever, vote him out on Ulez Referendum Day.

Furthermore, in a document titled: “FAQs | Improving air quality and Londoners’ health, tackling climate change and reducing congestion | Have Your Say Transport for London”, Sadiq Khan was asked a question about road charging:

“When are you thinking of introducing future road user charging?”

He replied:

“we will need a new kind of road user charging system by the end of the decade at the latest to achieve net zero carbon by 2030, as well as addressing air pollution, and congestion.”

Other cities in the UK will be watching the results of the Ulez Referendum (London Mayoral Election). If Sadiq Khan wins then Ulez schemes will be implemented all over the country.

If you live in London then, on the 2nd of May 2024, you can help to put an end to not only the Ulez expansion but also any pay-per-mile scheme. You can do this by not voting for Sadiq Khan.

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