By Michael Jones

Since 7th October news has been dominated by Israel and Gaza. You may therefore have missed reports of some shocking events that have taken place across Europe in the past week.

Here in Britain, Hartlepool, on the north east-coast of England was shaken by a heinous crime that at a different time may have received coverage.

On Sunday 15th October, 70-year-old Terrence Carney was using a cash machine when he was stabbed multiple times by 44-year-old Moroccan, Ahmed Alid, an asylum seeker. Mr Carney died at the scene. Ahmed Ali has since appeared in court accused of ‘terror-motivated’ murder and attempted murder of his housemate, Javed Nouri. They were both reported to be residents of a migrant centre.

The UK is not alone in experiencing asylum seeker/Islamist-related violence.

A week ago, a Chechen Muslim in France murdered a teacher and seriously wounded three others. 

On Monday, a rejected Libyan asylum seeker in Brussels shot dead two Swedish nationals and seriously wounded a third. 

Earlier that same day, another Moroccan had attempted to murder a Spanish woman in Catalonia.

In these latter three cases, the perpetrators all made clear they were motivated by radical Islam.

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