By Giuseppe De Santis

Real Nationalists have always known that the Scottish National Party (SNP) is anything but a nationalist party given that they want to swamp Scotland with unlimited immigration, turning it into a multicultural hellhole.

Further confirmation of that came a few days ago when the BBC reported that members of the Scottish Parliament want to offer free bus travel to asylum seekers in Scotland to prevent them from “having to choose between eating or taking medicine”.

To solve this problem, the Scottish Parliament is holding hearings for asylum seekers and representatives from refugee charities to find out how to help refugees improve their lives in Scotland.

Some refugees were complaining because they said the handouts from British taxpayers were too small and so they had to choose between taking medicines or having breakfast. They added that they sometimes went to bed hungry and therefore getting free bus travel could help them to see their GP or a solicitor.

Other refugees were moaning that living in a hotel at taxpayers’ expense is depressing because they have nothing to do all day.

Of course, anyone reading about this story would wonder why Scottish politicians don’t use the same enthusiasm to offer help to the native Scottish who are living in poverty. There are plenty of Scots facing hardship who would like to receive the same amount of help.

Woke madness is spreading and the only way to stop it is by supporting and joining the British Democrats, the only party who would take care of the interests of native Britons living in all parts of the UK.

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