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Rishi Sunak promised that he would ‘Stop the Boats’. Of course he hasn’t done so. He hasn’t even come close. But he is trying to pretend that he has cut down the numbers arriving. While it’s true that there’s been a small fall in the number coming across the Channel, that’s only because the weather has been much more inclement this year than last. It is not the merit of the government! ‘Oh no’, Sunak says, ‘it’s because of my wonderful deal with Albania’. What a joke!

The Albanian LIE

Many people do not understand the real point of the Joint Communiqué signed by Rishi Sunak and the Albanian prime minister, Edi Rama. It was not, absolutely not, designed to persuade Albanian ministers that Albanians can be returned to Albania. That is the great Sunak LIE. After all, the truth is that no country can deny entry to its own citizens. We can return anyone to their own country, and they will obviously accept them. They have to. No, the point of the deal was to persuade British judges that Albanians can be returned to Albania. That is why the document deliberately stresses that “the UK recognises Albania as a safe country of origin”. That is why it repeatedly stresses that Albania is a party to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and also the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (ECAT) and that the Albanian government “will continue to implement effectively the joint commitments in the framework of ECAT and ECHR with regard to the treatment of the returnees”.

The reason why we don’t remove anyone (or hardly anyone) is because British judges constantly block deportation on the grounds that the country we want to send them to isn’t safe. Sunak believes we should praise him for solving this problem with regard to one country – Albania – but the truth is that we should condemn him for failing to tackle the problem at its root, and solving it for all countries.

The solution, is for the government to simply change the law so that judges are completely excluded from the deportation process, and ministers can deport anyone, anywhere, any time. Remember: parliament is sovereign and can pass any law that it wants. We need to strip migrants of the protections afforded by the Human Rights Act, the ECHR, the Refugee Convention and the Modern Slavery Act. Unfortunately we have a treacherous prime minister who does not want to engage in large-scale deportations. He prefers to allow the third-world invasion of Britain to continue, rather than risk the ire of the globalist establishment.

And there’s the other scandal that the Albanian invaders exposed but the government has tried to make us forget: the fact that we were granting asylum to Albanians in the first place! Why did we do this? Other European countries didn’t. There was no need to do so. The reason was that we have the most idiotically generous asylum system in the world, and grant refugee status to almost anybody, with NO proof of persecution required of any kind! That is why the vast majority of all asylum applications are approved, when the truth is that they should all be rejected. Not one Channel invader is coming here from a country where he is in danger, or is persecuted, or is starving. No – they are all coming from La Belle France, the world’s most popular holiday destination! They are clearly ALL bogus, fraudulent, lying, criminals. And yet we grant them asylum! That is the madness and treason of Sunak.

And the final insult to the British people is that while the government trumpets that “over 3,500” Albanians have been returned, the truth is that we have been donating millions of pounds to Albania to boost their economy and make migration to the UK less attractive, and also paying Albanian criminals, who were in prison here, £1,500 to persuade them to go home! The futility of this approach has even been exposed by the BBC, who reported that many of these criminals intend to come back here, after we have filled their wallets with cash!

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