A collaboration between Candy Kittens Sweets and Netflix’s Sex Education show, is a prime example of the degenerate level companies go to create revenue. In a world where making money takes precedence over any shred of moral standards, it comes as no surprise that such partnerships are formed.

However, it is encouraging to witness customers taking a stand against these disturbing practices. So, it was pleasing to see Tesco has come under fire from customers for placing these sweets in the children’s sweet isle, which in turn has forced the supermarket giant to ditch these sweets from its shelves.

This is not the first time Tesco has faced such controversy, back in 2006, they were forced to remove a pole-dancing kit from their toys and games section, following accusations of “destroying children’s innocence.”

It is heartening to see people standing up against the sexualisation of our children and compelling businesses to reconsider their marketing choices. In our opinion sex as an industry has gotten out of control. We strongly object to the way that high street retailers, broadcasters and other big business’s use it to make money and increase their market share. Our advice is to keep it away from our children, how else are we going to improve our already degenerative society?

The British Democrats are truly sickened by this Marxist brainwashing attacking the fabric of our society!

See the video below:

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