By Roberta Woods

The unique character and enormous achievements of the British people can be attributed in large part, to their ancestry. At present, the very existence of the indigenous population is under unprecedented threat from continuous high levels of immigration both legal and illegal. Add to that the ‘refugees’ from wars which our governments have been complicit in pursuing – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, all sources of a continuous stream of people heading to the UK. This dilution of our population will eventually result in the eradication of our heritage.

The British Democrats are committed to ending ALL immigration.

We believe that ‘nationality’ is a precious commodity acquired by descent, unlike ‘citizenship’ which is a legal contrivance. Citizenship should be based on nationality but it has become debased by being bestowed on those who are not British Nationals. Enormous demographic changes have been taking place since the British Nationality Act of 1948, which essentially put colonial subjects on an equal footing with native Britons. In this way our homeland was offered up for colonisation without any consultation of the electorate. 

And yet, when asked, the subject of immigration continues to top the list of most peoples concerns come election time. However, these legitimate concerns are ignored by all the major parties once they have these peoples votes under their belts. All sorts of promises will have been made by those seeking election; reducing immigration, returning failed asylum seekers and those who have committed serious criminal offences, and yet once in power, the tide of immigrants continues unabated.

The British Democrats are a truly democratic party.

We hear first-hand those same concerns on the doorstep, but being true democrats, were we elected, we would work to address the real concerns of the British people. Immigration would be top of our ‘To Do’ list and furthermore we would seek to repeal any laws that provide immigrants and ethnic minorities with preferential treatment.

Just recently, I was astounded to see, on the BBC website of all places, an article headed Afghan refugees in London hotel reject accommodation offers’ – it was April 1st, but sadly this was no April Fool’s joke. 24 families had turned down permanent accommodation, one of their spokesmen claiming the properties being offered were not large enough as there were sometimes 7 or 8 in these families. Now, I myself come from a large family – I am the eldest of 9 children and our family of 11 were crammed into a damp council flat through most of the 70’s and 80’s. Critics may say my parents should have had less children, but my father always worked to keep the family. Many of these ‘refugees’ demanding larger properties will probably spend a lifetime being supported by the British taxpayer. The British government has essentially given away the keys to our house – the cry has gone out ‘Come and live in our home and at our expense’. You, the British people have never agreed to any of this.

The British Democrats are the voice of the silent majority.

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