According to online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the term Political Correctness is “used to describe language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society,” but its real aims extend much further.

Coming from the convoluted and in many cases, incomprehensible theories developed by the neo-Marxist thinkers, Political Correctness is a multi-layered and difficult concept to fully grasp.

On the surface, it appears to be a benevolent notion, one fixed around the ‘utopian’ aims of equality, fairness and social justice.

In keeping with the agenda of its originators, however, Political Correctness serves a more far reaching purpose.

Political Correctness is a form of ‘dictatorship’ and a method of policing thought crime and speech, and includes self-censorship being forced onto the population.

Who dictates what is Politically Correct? Its proponents, the political Left. 

Creating new terms and phrases to replace established ones and introducing these across all social institutions, Political Correctness reshapes traditional social conventions.

At its core, it is an ideology which sits firmly with that of globalism; to bind Western society with red tape and break down the institutions of identity which are the cornerstones of independent nations and cultures.

To understand the full agenda of Political Correctness, we must first trace its roots.

First time around

Published in 1848, the Communist Manifesto aimed to bring about economic reform through social revolution by inciting the ‘workers’ – the proletariat – to overthrow the ruling class and the bosses of industry.

It was the nations of the Industrial Revolution – primarily in England and Germany – that the authors, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, identified as being ripe for their revolutions.

Karl Marx

It failed to take hold but unexpectedly did take place in Russia. 

At the outbreak of World War I, when men in their hundreds of thousands flocked to recruitment offices to enlist and fight in a patriotic war, it was clear that their loyalty to their leaders trumped that of their desire for international revolution.

Around this time too, a sharp rise in the standard of living of the working-class brought about by Western free enterprise democracy nailed the coffin lid closed on Marx’s economic theory. 

Classic Marxism was a failure and Marxists were forced to think again.

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