Sweden Democrats

The achingly left-wing and whingeing Remainer newspaper ‘The New European’ called it a “far right earthquake”. They were referring to the success of the Sweden Democrats (catchy name, don’t you think?!) in the elections there last Sunday. The patriotic and populist Sweden Democrats are now the country’s second-largest party, on the back of a campaign promising to make “Sweden Great Again” and focusing on the wave of shootings and gang violence that has followed the huge increase in immigration. Gun deaths tripled in Sweden between 2012 and 2020. This year has seen almost 50 deadly shootings so far, and 2022 is on track to become the worst year on record for violence.  

I should stress that the precise outcome of the election is, incredibly, days after the election, still not known as all the postal votes have not yet been counted (not that I’m suggesting there’s anything untoward in this inordinate delay …). But short of a suspicious late turnaround, the Sweden Democrats (SD) will have increased their share of the vote to 20.6%, ahead of their centre-right coalition parties the Moderate Party (on 19.1%), the Christian Democrats (5.4%) and the Liberals (4.6%), who all lost support since the last elections in 2018. As a result, this coalition should have a total of 175 seats, one more than their centre-left coalition opponents (the current government), made up of the Social Democrats (on 30.5%), the Left Party (6.7%), the Centre Party (also 6.7%) and the Greens (5.1%).  

This being Sweden, what happens now is likely to be a matter of protracted and convoluted negotiations.  Although the largest party in the coalition, the SD leader (Jimmie Akesson) will not become prime minister as, while part of the same group, the Liberals refuse to actually support him – or even be part of the same government as their SD ‘partners’!  So the leader of the Moderates (Ulf Kristersson) will probably get the job, and the big question is what – if any – ministerial posts will he offer Akesson, will the Liberals then support the government while remaining out of it, or if Kristersson tries to include the Liberals while excluding the SD from any ministerial role will he be able to form a government at all?  Akesson has made it explicitly clear that “Our ambition is to be in the government.” The formation of the new government is likely to be very messy and could take weeks, or even months, to be resolved.  

Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson

What is clear, however, is that all the smears and scare stories about the Sweden Democrats, and the attempts to demonise them, failed. They failed because the Left fought a negative campaign, offering no solutions to the country’s increasing problems, especially those related to the terrifying crime wave (which was the public’s main concern). The Left besmirched their centre-right opponents as fascists, simply because they had finally agreed to work with the SD after years of trying to ignore and exclude the ever-growing party – a futile policy which merely resulted in weak and unstable governments. The public could see that the SD had a realistic programme of “net zero immigration” (now that’s the sort of ‘net zero’ I could support!), cutting taxes and slashing overseas aid. So well done to Jimmie Akesson and his colleagues. We in the British Democrats wish our friends in the Sweden Democrats every success.  

The war on motorists

In ‘the good old days’ – by which I mean just a few decades ago, back in the 1960s and 70s – driving was a pleasure. The expression ‘to go for a drive’ shows that people drove just for the fun of it. But just a few years later, the war on motorists began. This has got progressively much worse, with more and more restrictions imposed, and cameras everywhere spying on you like in George Orwell’s 1984. But maybe in the future people will look back at today and think that these were ‘the good old days’, when you can actually afford a car at all!  

The problem is that in November 2020 the appalling Boris Johnson decided to ban the sale of new petrol or diesel cars from 2030. This was not in the manifesto which he had stood on less than a year before, and was 10 years earlier than the previously agreed date of 2040. I am not inherently opposed to electric cars, which are quieter, less polluting and have faster acceleration than internal combustion engine cars, but they do have a number of problems which have not yet been resolved. There is the obvious question of range, and the time taken to recharge, and there is also the matter of cost. Electricity prices are going through the roof, as we all know, and there is simply not enough capacity to charge millions of electric cars anyway. But the main problem is the cost of the cars themselves: there are only seven new electric car models on sale in the UK for under £30,000, compared to 107 models of petrol or diesel cars available in the same price range.   

So new electric cars are unaffordable for most people, and with the cost of the raw materials used in batteries increasing this is unlikely to change any time soon. Making cars unavailable for the masses seems to be part of the ‘Net Zero’ war against the British people. The rush to Net Zero makes no sense for the UK. Not only is there no actual proof that man-made greenhouse gases affect the world’s climate, but even if we wanted to adopt the ‘precautionary principle’ and say that it’s ‘better to be safe than sorry’ and therefore cutting our emissions is worthwhile, the fact is that the UK’s global share of these gases is so small as to be irrelevant. The main culprit, by far, is China, which is actually increasing its emissions, so any cuts we make will be completely pointless. Not only is our global share of greenhouse gases tiny, but it is less than half of our share of global GDP, and per capita our emissions are even more minuscule, so whatever measurements you use we are one of the last countries in the world that need worry about cutting its emissions

As far as the UK is concerned, Net Zero is a left-wing ideological scam to make us weaker and poorer, both individually and as a country as a whole. It is part of the cultural-marxist psychological war on the British people trying to make us feel guilty for our history, our nature and our very existence.  

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