We are one country and one people – don’t let the Left divide us!

So, good riddance to Nicola Sturgeon. She certainly was a loony-left enemy of Britain. The campaign for Scottish independence is rooted in anti-English hatred. There is no other rationale for wanting to leave and destroy the United Kingdom. Would Scotland be financially better off alone? Of course not – only the ill-informed would believe this to be the case. Without the money Scotland receives from England through the so-called ‘Barnett formula’ Scotland’s standard of living would collapse. So is there some sort of democratic deficit that would be solved by separation? No, that’s also nonsense. Indeed, the very opposite is the case. We are all British, and the difference between a Scot and an Englishman is no more than that between a man from Yorkshire and one from Cornwall, or one from Ayrshire and one from Sutherland.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are regions of the UK. If you don’t believe me just ask the United Nations, where the only country which is recognised is the UK. So those who want to break up the UK want to destroy their own country, and the dictionary has a word for people like that: ‘traitors’. The British are one people, one family, all brothers and sisters, and we are stronger united, stronger together. I hear some people say that England would be better off without Scotland, but that is also nonsense. Why stop there? Why not split England up too? Let’s make London independent, as this is the richest part. But wait, there are lots of poor parts of London, so instead let’s campaign for independence for the City of London, the wealthiest microcosm of the land. You see where this money-obsessed logic takes you? No, we the British people are one family and families should always stick together and help each other out, with love and loyalty. Scotland was at the heart of the British Empire, and many of our greatest engineers, scientists and soldiers all came from there.

Separation is a nonsense, and so is devolution – the brainchild of the vile warmonger Tony Blair. It creates unnecessary layers of government and administration and divides the British people. Devolution is an exercise in hatred and division. Look at how the Welsh government closed its borders to the English during the Covid pandemic, for instance, keeping families apart. We are one country and should be governed as such. A break away Scotland would, of course, make the situation far worse, but fortunately the SNP have failed to break our country. Some people believed that Brexit would increase the calls for Scotland to leave the UK, but the opposite was always going to be more likely, since outside the Union there would need to be a border between Scotland and England, which would devastate the Scottish economy.

Given that the 2014 divisive Scottish separation referendum, despite being rigged in favour of the SNP, failed to produce a majority of those wanting to destroy the UK, and that Brexit did not move the needle, and that the Tories refused to allow another referendum, and that the courts rejected the SNP’s request for a referendum without Westminster approval, and that even if Labour won the next election and allowed a referendum this would be unlikely to produce a different result, we can see that Sturgeon was trapped in a corner. Her poll ratings were falling, there is a looming SNP financial scandal about to engulf her and the lunacy of her trans agenda was being derided by all sane Scots. So she decided to jump before she was pushed. We hope that this spells the end to the hate-fuelled separatist agenda, and also to the madness of claiming that men can just wake up one morning and decide to be women, or that women can choose to be men, for that matter. On this issue there is absolutely no question about what is right and wrong. It has nothing to do with appearance, or sex organs (which can be changed through plastic surgery), as this is all purely cosmetic. No, as a scientist I can tell you that the difference between a man and a woman is clear, simple, unequivocal and immutable. If you have a Y chromosome you’re a man, and if you don’t you’re a woman. That’s it. And it cannot be changed. A transgender woman is just a man in drag.

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