It has come to our attention that military families at a former RAF base have been told to leave the MOD facility to make way for asylum seekers.  

Families living on the historic air base are being forced to leave as the Home Office require the base so that asylum seekers can move in April.

Formerly known as RAF Wethersfield, MDP Wethersfield was used by the RAF during WWII and is occupied by about 24 families none of whom have been informed as to whether there will be any housing available at any other barracks. 

Families who live at the base will exist alongside asylum seekers separated by fencing that has been erected just 100 metres way from the homes. 

The fencing has been described as “inadequate” and one local woman claims “I don’t think it would keep my dog in”. 

Army personnel are deployed most of the time overseas or work away from home which leaves their partners and children at the base alone. The woman added “ We are worried, we don’t feel safe”

She also said that the Home Office failed to correspond with them or local people and instead just went ahead with their plans and moving would have a significant impact on the children who live at the base with some families having children with disabilities.

This is another example of how the government are treating us like second class citizens in our own country. The British Democrats are here to counter the Lib-Lab-Con gangsters every step of the way!

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