By British Patriot

The useless and unelected Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, announced three new ridiculous policies at the recent Tory party conference.

They were virtually pointless policies on A-levels, smoking and HS2. We heard that A-levels will be abolished and replaced by a new exam to be called the Advanced British Standard. Seriously? Is he having a laugh or something? I mean, of all the problems that there are in education today – from extreme left-wing teachers brainwashing children with perverted ideas of multicultural and transgender ideology, to crumbling buildings, Sunak focused on an exam that has been around for over 70 years. This is on a par with Labour’s suggestion that teachers should supervise children brushing their teeth (yes, I kid you not, that is their genuine policy!). I’m not saying A-levels can’t be improved, but this is hardly an announcement that will make any real difference, either to educational standards or to Conservative electoral popularity.

The second policy announcement was that the age to be able to legally buy cigarettes would rise each year, so that nobody who is 14 today will ever be able to buy them. Madness. Can you imagine how this will work? In future, if this actually came to pass, someone who was 50 could buy cigarettes but someone who was 49 couldn’t. Ridiculous. This is just going to encourage a black market and only the criminals will benefit. It is the policy of the nanny state. The patronising, oppressive behaviour of a politician who believes that he is superior to you, both in intelligence and morality, and has the right to boss you about and control every tiny aspect of your personal life.

And finally, the biggest announcement of them all – though at the same time the least surprising: the cancellation of HS2 beyond Birmingham. From the very start HS2 has been a complete waste of money, fraudulently put forward using lies. The business case was based on the line’s speed (the clue is in the name they gave it – High Speed 2!), with the claim that the expense was justified because businessmen would save so much precious time. But the lie was that travelling time was wasted time – whereas in reality businessmen work while on the train, so the time is used fruitfully, not wasted, and shorter journeys will save no money at all. So then we were told that no, speed was of no importance, and the justification was that there was insufficient capacity. This too was a lie, of course, and in any case, if more capacity was genuinely needed then it would have been cheaper to adopt double-decker trains (and lowering the track to pass under low bridges) rather than building a completely new line.

So you might think that I would be pleased with the HS2 announcement, and yes, it’s better than continuing to throw good money after bad, but my main emotion is frustration that it has taken so long for this government to see the light, and that tens of BILLIONS of pounds have been wasted on it. Furthermore, I despise the treason and corruption of the Tory government, which has given the contract to build the trains not to a British company, but to a joint venture made up of Hitachi of Japan and Alstom of France. This is what you get with Tory governments: spending out of control (cost have trebled!) and contracts awarded to foreign companies. 

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