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We don’t want Labour to win‘, Conservative voters say to me, ‘or they will try to reverse Brexit‘. What these people fail to understand is that it is the Conservative party that is reversing Brexit right now. We all know about the appalling betrayal of Northern Ireland – and, as a result, the whole of the UK – that Sunak agreed to in the Windsor Surrender. But the fact is that every agreement he comes to with Brussels – yes, every one, without exception – is biased in favour of the EU’s interests, not ours.

To show you how bad things are let’s just look at a few of the most egregious recent examples of the capitulations that Sunak the Traitor has made to the EU:


Horizon Europe is an EU-run research programme. Although there are a few non-EU associate members (such as Armenia and Israel, for instance), it is the EU that decides the budget and the research projects, whose purpose is explicitly set out as “supporting and implementing EU policies”. When we were members of the EU, Horizon was quite acceptable for us because even though a lot of the projects had little value, the quality of our university research was such that this was in high demand, and we usually got more money out of Horizon than we put in.

Unfortunately, the traitors in charge of our Brexit negotiations (first Theresa May and then Boris Johnson) were never fully committed to delivering true sovereignty, and the Horizon project agreement Boris signed – and which Sunak has now agreed to (with a few trivial tweaks) – is specifically designed so that the EU is more likely to gain than the UK. We can only take part on the basis that we should lose money! At this point, given this level of anti-British hatred and racism, it is clearly not worth us taking part in it at all. And there is – or rather, was – an alternative: the Pioneer Programme. This would have been a British-run international research programme, where WE set the rules and the funding. This would have been perfect.

Instead Sunak has opted to pay the EU over £2 billion a year to join Horizon. Our universities will then have to bid to get some small part of this funding back. But remember: we are virtually guaranteed to get back LESS than we put in. And instead of being able to collaborate with the world’s best universities (in the US, Japan, etc) we will be forced to work with EU universities – none of which is ranked in the world’s best ten! And the UK? We have FOUR universities in the world’s top 10: Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and UCL. So now the UK will have to PAY the EU for the privilege of providing THEM with BETTER researchers than they have, in order to promote THEIR interests! Treason does not even begin to cover it!

Product regulations

One of the (many!) problems we had inside the EU was the huge trade deficit that we had with it. And one of the (many!) benefits of Brexit was that it gave us an opportunity to devise policies to specifically and explicitly tackle this. But that, of course, would require patriotic politicians that actually care about making Britain stronger, rather than quislings who just want to appease our Britain-hating EU enemies.

One of the ways we could have reduced imports from the EU would have been to change our rules and standards, so that EU companies would have had to make separate goods just for the UK market. In many cases this would not have been worthwhile for them, and that would have meant that British manufacturers would have had the British market to themselves, allowing them to engage in what is known as ‘import substitution’ which would have boosted our manufacturing sector and thus our economy as a whole.

In order to do this we would have had to replace the EU’s ‘CE’ (Conformité Européenne) certification mark, which is used to denote that products meet the EU’s legal requirements. And that, indeed, was the original plan. In December 2024 the UK was supposed to adopt its own standards and certification (apart from Northern Ireland of course, which due to the vomit-inducing anti-British TREASON of the Windsor Surrender, has to retain the CE mark). But guess what? Yes, Sunak has now ditched any changes to EU rules, and decided that the UK will keep obeying and following EU laws and regulations, and will therefore keep the CE mark. As the BBC crowed: “UK to keep EU safety mark in post-Brexit climbdown”.

Food imports

When we finally left the EU, in January 2021, both sides became responsible for ensuring the safety of the food they imported. The EU immediately introduced checks on produce coming from the UK, while the Tory Traitors, whether due to incompetence, corruption or simple treason, did not impose any checks on what we import from the EU. This, of course, is the exact opposite of what common sense would dictate. British food is renown for its safety and quality, whereas EU food – as the notorious Irish horsemeat scandal should have taught us – is not, creating a biosecurity risk for us all. The UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Christine Middlemiss, has confirmed the vital importance of these checks, saying: “The threat from imported animal and plant diseases, such as African swine fever and Xylella fastidiosa, continues to grow”.

Not only that, but this refusal to impose checks on EU food imports puts British farmers at a huge financial disadvantage compared to their EU competitors. British farmers face expensive and bureaucratic obstacles to their exports, while imports flow in freely, meaning that the government has deliberately tilted the playing field in favour of EU farmers instead of British ones. This is a calculated betrayal of our farmers.

Farmers have begged the government to impose the necessary checks, but time and again the government has announced yet another delay in doing so. In total, the checks have been postponed five times, and there is still no certainty when – or even if – they will ever be introduced. And even when and if we do, the government has said it will take a “risk-based approach” to checks, in order to minimise these – again helping foreign exporters. We are told that the government is concerned that the cost of the checks would increase the price of EU food for consumers, but that’s the whole point! Apart from the food-safety aspect, the increase in the cost of EU food is the great benefit that the checks would provide.

By increasing the cost of EU food we would be helping British farmers, who would be able to gain a bigger slice of the domestic market, increasing their output as a result – and increasing our food security and independence into the bargain. And who would suffer? Only the middle-class EU-lovers who snobbishly choose French cheese, or Spanish ham, or Italian olive oil. This would therefore be a tax on the middle-class who choose to pay it through their preference for EU food over British food. But our EU-loving government can’t bear to do this, and would rather increase our imports, aggravate our trade deficit and impoverish our farmers, rather than do to EU farmers what the EU has been doing to ours for almost three years.

Money, money money

All these betrayals are in addition to the BILLIONS of pounds we continue to pay the EU, years after we supposedly left the bloc. In 2020 we paid the EU £13 billion, and since January 2021 we have paid a further £20 billion. Why are we continuing to pay the EU so much money? It is madness. It is treason. And it doesn’t end there. Oh no. The EU’s top court, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), is continuing to fine us millions of pounds for not following their rules! Oh yes. Just last month the ECJ fined Britain £28 million for not fully following their rules on diesel taxation. Even more worryingly, this was virtually double what was recommended by the ECJ’s own advisers, the reason being that the court wanted the penalty to be more “dissuasive”, with the aim of more “effectively preventing the repetition of similar infringements of EU law in the future”.

So there you have it. Thanks to Sunak and his government of Tory Traitors, we are still under the control of the EU. We obey their laws and regulations, we favour their farmers over our own, we help their researchers (at our expense!), we are still under the oppressive thumb of the ECJ, and we continue to pay them billions and billions of pounds every year. And still Conservative ministers, together with their media puppets and supporter muppets, try to scare us that Labour are a threat to Brexit. They clearly treat us with complete contempt. Brexit? What Brexit? It is the Conservatives that have betrayed it. NEVER VOTE CONSERVATIVE AGAIN!

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