By Giuseppe De Santis

On Sunday 22nd of October, voters in Switzerland went to the poll to elect members of parliament. The results reflected, once again, the rising success of nationalist parties in Europe.

The anti-immigration Swiss People’s Party (SVP) came first with 29% of votes (thus increasing its support from 2019 when it got 25.6%), and it increased its number of seats in the 200-seat parliament by 9 bringing its total to 62.

The Socialist Party came second, got only 18% and the gap between the first two parties is quite large; this helps to consolidate the position of the populist Swiss People’s Party as Switzerland’s leading political party.

The biggest losers were instead the two Green parties and this is because voters are sick of crazy Green policies that cost too much and do little for the environment.

The Swiss People’s Party campaigned on immigration, cost of living issues and against wokeness.

Marco Chiesa, President of the Swiss People’s Party

On immigration, the Swiss People’s Party campaigned against it by supporting a ceiling on the number of people living in Switzerland, claiming that immigration is causing an increase in crime, soaring rents, and a housing shortage. Additionally, the Party argued that more immigrants means that more taxpayers’ money will have to be spent on infrastructure and more infrastructure indicates the destruction of the countryside.

The big three campaign issues of the Swiss People’s Party are quite similar to those of the British Democrats, and this is not a coincidence as those policies are based on common sense. Voters around Europe are increasingly endorsing these patriotic policies.

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